Spotlighting STEM marketing innovators

Our mission is to showcase the exceptional work of those who not only understand the unique challenges of their industry, but also excel in communicating technical concepts to a diverse business audience.

Awards categories range from recognising strategic and tactical innovation in marketing campaigns, through to communications success in broadening STEM participation.

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About the STEM Marketing Awards 2024

Despite forming over 25% of the UK economy - more than £600bn - the STEM sector doesn't have a dedicated marketing awards show.

This is in contrast to the likes of the healthcare, finance and automotive sectors who all have exclusive marketing awards to recognise the specialist expertise in their industry.

We thought it was high time this changed, giving B2B STEM marketing specialists a chance to showcase their achievements and win recognition from their peers.

Key benefits of the
STEM Marketing Awards

  1. Encouraging innovation and excellence: motivate B2B STEM marketing professionals to strive for excellence and innovation in their work.
  2. Highlighting diverse career paths: showcase the wide array of careers and achievements within the STEM fields, inspiring current and future professionals.
  3. Promoting skills development: emphasise the importance of continuous learning and skill development, which are crucial in these rapidly evolving fields.
  4. Inspiring future generations: serve as a platform to inspire and engage the next generation of STEM professionals, showcasing the exciting opportunities and achievements possible in these fields.
  5. Enhancing collaboration and networking: create opportunities for networking and collaboration among professionals, fostering a community of innovation.
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