Recognising Overall Excellence

Chairman's Award / Best in Show

All finalists will automatically be entered into the coveted Chairmans' Award - and judged on outstanding creativity, impact and results.

Automatic Entry

Marketing Team of the Year

Recognising the most effective marketing team in a STEM organisation for their collective efforts.

Best In-House Marketing Team

Recognising internal marketing teams that have consistently achieved remarkable results.

Best PR Team

Recognising internal and external PR teams that have consistently achieved remarkable results.

Recognising Socially Conscious Marketing

Best Social Impact Campaign

Recognising campaigns that have improved access to STEM subjects by raising awareness, promoting action, and enhancing young people’s lives through the power of STEM.

Free to enter

Best Not-for-Profit Campaign

Honouring a campaign that has made a significant difference in advancing a cause, raising awareness, and driving positive change.

Free to enter

Best Sustainable / Green Campaign

Honouring marketing campaigns that effectively promote sustainability in STEM industries.

Best Educational Campaign

Recognising campaigns that effectively educate the public or specific demographics about STEM subjects.

Recognising Strategic Brilliance

Best Use of Research & Insight

Recognising outstanding use of research and data analysis in marketing campaigns for STEM products or services.

Best Branding & Positioning

Honouring effective branding strategies that enhance the public image and market position of a STEM organisation or product.

Best Product Launch Campaign

Honouring the most effective marketing campaign for launching a new STEM product or technology.

Best Use of Content Marketing

Awarding excellence in content marketing activity that effectively communicates complex STEM products or services.

Best Use of Events & Live Marketing

Awarding creative and impactful use of events, webinars, or live demonstrations to market STEM products or services.

Best Use of Video Marketing

Honouring the creative use of video in marketing STEM subjects, products, or services.

Most Innovative Campaign

Recognising STEM marketing campaigns that have used novel thinking or tactics to get impressive results.

Best International Campaign

Awarding campaigns that have effectively reached global audiences in the STEM sector.

Recognising Excellent Campaign Execution

Best Low Budget Marketing Campaign

For marketing campaigns across all disciplines with a budget under £25k.

Best Medium Budget Marketing Campaign

For marketing campaigns across all disciplines with a budget between £25k and £70k.

Best Large Budget Marketing Campaign

For marketing campaigns across all disciplines with a budget over £70k.

Best Internal Communications Campaign

Recognising effective internal marketing strategies that promote STEM initiatives within an organisation.

Best PR Campaign

Celebrating outstanding public relations efforts in raising awareness or shaping public perception of STEM products or services.

Best Social Media Campaign

Awarding the most effective use of social media platforms to engage audiences with STEM content.

Best Digital Marketing Campaign

Award for most impactful use of digital marketing channels to engage, inspire and educate the STEM sector.

Best Emerging Technology in Marketing

Recognising innovative use of emerging technologies (like AI, VR, AR) in marketing STEM products or services.

Recognising Bright Sparks & Industry Icons

Young Marketer of the Year

Awarding a young marketing professional who has made a significant contribution to the marketing of STEM products or services.

Lifetime Achievement in STEM Marketing

Honouring an individual who has made a significant, long-term contribution to marketing in the STEM sectors.